Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream


This is my new MUST HAVE for my make-up bag.

There are two problem areas I have for dry skin: my face and my hands.

Let’s start with my face. For as long as I’ve been wearing make-up, my face has had dry skin. I have very sensitive skin to begin with, so this only makes finding a moisturizer harder.

I’ve tried 10+ products that promise hydration, soft, smooth skin, but none have worked for me.

Then, when my daughter was born last year, I was RELIGIOUS about washing hands before touching her, making food, etc.

My hands became dry and cracked and no amount of lotion I used kept them moisturized.

That’s why I was so excited when I was asked to join the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream campaign on

First of all, who can say NO to FREE PRODUCTS!!??


Plus, I knew that this product was something I could try and hopefully it’d be the answer I’d been looking for.

Okay, so my box comes in the mail and I’m tearing it open, ready for the stuff on the inside!

I pull out my FULL SIZED bottle of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream.

When I look in the box again, there are 6 MINI sized bottle that I get to share with friends!

Thanks Bzzagent!!

Now, I’m reading the front and see it says hand cream, which I already knew.

But the best part is when I look on the back of the bottle and it tells me I can use it ANYWHERE!

Now I’m thinking not only my hands can be hydrated, but my face too!!

By this time, I’ve done enough reading and I’m ready to  take a test drive.

Their formula is so concentrated, you only need a DAB. And this isn’t one of those that say that and you end up using the whole bottle.

You’ll notice, while rubbing it in, it is very thick and creamy. This is a good thing!

As soon as I had rubbed the cream in, my hands were SUPER SOFT.

I just kept staring at them like ‘this really worked? and it worked this quickly’?

So, I went on my way and the that night my hands were STILL smooth.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream worked on my hands…

Now for the real test: my face.

After the shower, I gently patted my face dry and added a DAB of the cream to face.

I then proceeded to apply my make-up as normal.

(for me the determining factor is after my powders are applied)

After powder, blush, and eye shadow …..


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream gets and A++ on my scale!

Everyone head over and become a bzzagent and go pick up some Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream for yourself!



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