It’a a party!


Oh, Abigail is growing up so fast! Her daily vocabulary includes: Mama, Dada, Bye bye, and hey. She can wave hey and bye bye, is pulling up on EVERYTHING, and can stand for 10-20 seconds, all by herself. It amazes me everyday how quickly she is learning.


Unfortunately, she still has 0 teeth, but there is one about to poke through her gums!


Bath time is, by far, Abigail’s favorite time of the day. She loves to play and splash and of course stand up. The worst part, is when I get her out. She gets So mad! haha


Although she IS a Mommy’s girl, she sure does love her Daddy, too.


And that is the ‘messy cookie’ face



She looks JUST like her Daddy in this one.



56 days until my BABY is ONE YEAR OLD.

Where did the time go? Well, with a first birthday, comes a first birthday party. And, Moms, let’s face it; our children don’t know what they want (and can’t tell us) as a theme, so basically, this year is for us.

Coincidence or not, I recently received a catalog in the mail from Birthday Express ( They sell party packs of the theme you choose. Here are a few of the themes they have available:

66827                66504

78094               78567

Check them out! They have TONS of products and something for everyone.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas (for those of you who are looking for QUICK inspiration)

1. Mickey Mouse

2. Minnie Mouse

3. Dinosaurs

4. Princess

5. One color theme (use different shades of one color)

6. Animals (one or the whole farm!)



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