9 months, 4 years, and a little more domestic.

People always tell you, when you have children, to enjoy it while it lasts because time flies. Of course every time I’ve ever heard that, I just said ‘yeah’ and shrugged it off. NOW I know how true that statement is.

Abigail is NINE months old! It’s crazy to think in January she’ll be ONE! Where did the time go? Abigail is officially crawling (has been for a few weeks now) and she talks alllll the time 🙂 I love to sit and listen to her sweet little voice, even when she’s squealing, haha. She is also pulling up on EVERYTHING. I think we have a cruiser/walker in the making 🙂


That’s my little crawler, with this onesie on, I called her my little ‘jail bird’.

FOUR YEARS. Speaking of how time flies, my husband and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary tomorrow, November 8th. Sometimes it seems like we’ve been together for twenty years and at other times it seems like we just met. We have our ups and downs, but we love each other and even though we married young, we still want to spend forever together.

Here’s a few pictures from our wedding:


I love these, where you capture the groom’s facial expression as the bride walks in.

hahaha, I couldn’t get my candle to blow out.

Now that I’ve shared the wedding pictures, let me add a little of our history.

I met Austin when I was in high school (we didn’t attend the same one), when I was 16 years old (he was 17). He had moved out, into an apartment, with one our mutual friends and they invited me over. I ended up spending the week there. This was in November 2006, in February 2007 I moved into the apartment and Austin and I started dating March 15, 2007. A short time later, in May 2007, Austin asked me to marry him. We had taken a trip to the beach for Memorial Day weekend and game back engaged. Seeing that we had only been dating for two months, we took this time to get to know each other better. Then in October 2008 we decided to go get our marriage license and just say ‘I do’.  We set the date, it was very special to me because my anchor in life, my grandfather, died a year to the day that we were married… I had a picture of him sitting on a pedestal opposite of our unity candle. And so, I became Mrs. Hiott on November 8th, 2008, I was 18 and Austin was 19. He was and is the love of my life, my soulmate. He’s everything I’m not, which makes it even more perfect. Austin balances me and I do the same for him. I look forward to growing old with him and raising Abigail together ❤

Now, the first couple of years we were married, I was VERY UN-domestic. I hated cooking, cleaning, or anything like it. Austin was the dinner cook in our house and it took me a while to want to do those things. But, now that’s what I do. I’m a mother. We cook, clean, do the laundry, dishes, vacuum, etc. I’ve actually grown to like cooking and trying new recipes or making something that I know my husband will like. It feels good to start from scratch and prepare a meal and it actually turn out like I intended, haha. Now, I’m domestic. And I’m sure my husband is thanking the Good Lord above that I finally gave in to the ‘womanly duties’.


3 thoughts on “9 months, 4 years, and a little more domestic.

  1. lol. You know its funny no matter how old or young you are when you get married I hear about a similar transition for many women – including myself. Jer did the cooking, cleaning, etc until maybe 1/2 year into our marriage when I started wanting to do these things and actually enjoy them or at least the reaction to them 🙂

    Congrats on 4 years together!


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